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Devonanon is John B McKenna and Richard Greenan. City of All Times is a sound collage of field recordings and songs, recorded at various locations across Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Spain and the UK. The album documents, among other things, climbing Gardnos Crater, catching the Viking Line from Stockholm to Turku, commuting in Neukölln, cycling across Hardangervidda plateau, meandering in Gracia and pallbearing in Beaulieu. 


The result is a web of chance impressions - overheard conversations, rural ambience and eavesdropped rehearsals captured on the fly yet weirdly interlocking, like a dizzying expanse of avenues and streets, country lanes and subways. A city where there is no homogenisation - just total existence, total cacophony, a total flowing of human ethnicities and tribes and beings and gradations of awareness and consciousness and cruising.

City of All Times is a joint release with our friends Lost Map Records. John and Richard also perform and write songs in HESITATION.

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