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flow / in the midst are released together with a collectible sculptural necklace edition made by visual artist Martha Hviid.

pendant : clay, silver, gold, saltwater pearl, vax, varnish
necklace : silver cable chain (925 sterling) 0,35mm/55cm

The shape of a drop calls on an ambiguity of water. Water that flows, rain that pours (rinsing off everything it comes into contact with), the ocean (symbolising life). Water also speaks to the act of crying, shedding tears, working through grief. After an explosion or collapse, the dust settles, and rain will come to sweep it away.

The drop-shaped pendants are covered in dust; something considered a remnant - a ‘dirty’ and superfluous by-product, normally not to be kept. In this case the dust comes from the precious metals involved in jewellery production. Silver, gold and pearl (which by the way grows slowly from just a speck of sand), together creating a textured surface on the pendants, somehow both grimy and glittery at the same time. The dust can travel on with these tears. Like a flicker of something precious and beautiful, almost unnoticeable but very much present in the drops, as a reminder of the ebb and flow in the two songs.

*All the dust has been collected from a jeweller working with ethically sourced saltwater pearls and with a general focus on sustainability. Thank you to STINE VESTEN JEWELLERY for dust and advice throughout the making of this project.

Flow Pendant by Martha Hviid