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Encompassing comic strips, collage and sound art, York-based illustrator and musician Adam Higton's work documents the daily goings-on of the forest folk within the realm of the Cosmic Neighbourhood. This new collection sees Higton turn his attention to longform composition, with four meditative, refreshingly percussive jams occupying 40 minutes of tape.

Sonically, Higton's work straddles new and old, taking modular electronics, flutes, bells and softly pattering drum machines, before colouring them all with the amber glow of some forgotten, psychedelic kids' TV programme. Higton's benign toots and echoing jingles bring to mind Daphne Oram's early delay experiments or the meandering playfulness of Tom Cameron. Radiophonic and time-worn, it still somehow sounds like the future.

Recommended if you like Silver Apples, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, The Moomins.


'creamed tweetronica for fans of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s sweetest sounds' - Boomkat

'buzzing synth chords billowing like smoke from tape-reel chimneys' - Half Gifts

'his knack for digging out strange, semi-familiar film samples and juxtaposing them with the wiggiest of sound collages is not to be underestimated' - Bleep

'a really beguiling soup of sounds' - Norman Records 

Cosmic Neighbourhood - "All for Fall" Tape