HESITATION is a band formed by Chris Catlin (Yaaard), and Richard Greenan (Devon Loch). Meeting in London in 2016, the pair recorded their first woozy slab of improvs, using a battered organ, guitars, a saxophone and whatever else came to hand. These takes were stitched together into a self-titled, seven track LP over the following two years.


Veering from shoegaze to crystal clear electronics and fuzzed out jazz, the results pull two ways: slow and fast, meditative and exuberant. Here is a place where time bends and bubbles, drunk synthetic choirs follow an endless skywards pulse, and plaited melodies hover in warm air like motes of dust. HESITATION is recommended for those who enjoy the heart-on-sleeve whistle alongs of Tenniscoats, Zappa's foggier guitar serpents or the creeping black magic of early Sebadoh. 

In 2019, HESITATION assumed physical form again, this time at the Inter Arts Centre in Malmö, Sweden. Triple Bluff is a wild scrapbook edit of this three day long, rambling live session, during which Richard and Chris were joined by John B McKenna (synths, drums), Galina Juritz (violin, vocals) and Francis Patrick Brady (piano, vocals). Hesitantly they marshal a cacophony of clipped ambitions, whittled down scratches and smiling lamentations, which should please fans of early Kraftwerk, The Velvet Underground and Galaxie 500.