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We're very proud to welcome Buenos Aires artist Ignacio Sandoval, aka YOTO, to the Kit Records family. 


YOTO's music - with its foundation of voice, guitar and percussion - is rooted in South American folk tradition. Through sampling and synthesis, these base elements are cannibalised and re-baked to form YOTO's own brand of hyper-folk bricolage.


Like fellow Argentinian boundary-pushers Aylu and Vic Bang, YOTO's view zips with an ever shifting focus. Wry gear changes, contorted samples and knee-wiggling tempos are underpinned by his vocal - which at times resembles a synthesiser, and others a crunchily harmonic choir.


The results evoke a microbiome of ecstatic fermentation. No surprise, then, that Levure is a love letter to Sandoval's favourite childhood bakery.


Recommended if you like Elysia Crampton, The Residents, Panda Bear.

'Levure' cassette