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Richard Greenan


Kit Records founder Richard Greenan began his recording life under the equine alias Devon Loch. Blending field recordings with synthesisers and traditional instrumentation, his music hovers between minimal composition and surreal radio broadcast; the insouciant piano and organ sketches of Devon Loch's debut album, Sleep Scale, conjuring images of Satie unwinding in a space age bachelor pad.

Six years on, Richard has emerged with a follow up LP under his own name, entitled Rehearsing Heat. Here he paints layers of ornamental pop, rumblingly playful hip-hop, widescreen swathes of drone and beyond - with a wide cast of friends and collaborators taken along for the emotional ride. Recommended if you like Rachel's, Susumu Yokota, Colleen.

Richard has performed at Cafe Oto, NTS Radio and Somerset House, and has collaborated with artists including Ela Orleans, Mr. Beatnick, Object Agency, Monoganon, Best Available Technology, Yaaard and Antidröm. He has also released on the ever-inspirational RECKNO and videogamemusic.

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