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Kit Mix #56: Boxwalla


We were overjoyed to receive this exceptional mix from one of our favourite sonic archaeologists, Phong Tran, AKA Boxwalla. Phong specialises in unearthing ragas, odd string music and other long form soundscapes, while making music as part of the drone project Halo Valley (definitely worth a listen). This mix is truly something else, melting from tropical field recordings into alienating tape improv and primitive guitar mantras. Follow Boxwalla HERE for a continuous feed of head-swimming goodness. A few words from the man below!

“So humbled with this honour of putting together some jams for the mighty Kit Records! It’s daunting to follow all the previous excellent mixes but hey, gotta go for it … Sounds that have really moved me this Summer, on one level or another. A Boxwallastan vintage greatest hits, in 1:31:33, if that’s possible … So these pieces will, of course, be long form, mostly … If there’s a theme, it’s an outsounds kinda of thing … all worth sharing, to my ears. Hope you dig!”

‘Les cloches du temple d’or de Bénarès’ (1972)
Don Cherry – ‘Eternal Rhythm Part 1’ (1968)
Peter Brötzmann / Han Bennink ‎– ‘Schwarzenbachtalsperre Nr. 6’ from Schwarzwaldfahrt (1977)
Marion Brown – ‘Afternoon Of A Georgia Faun’ (1970)
Taj Mahal Travellers – ‘Improvisation, Part 2’ from Live in Stockholm (1971)
Angus MacLise – ‘Chumlum’ soundtrack (Ron Rice 1964)
Roberta Settels – ‘Landscape With 3 Tape-recorders And… ‘ from Isolation! – Meinhof In Memoriam (1985)
Carla Bley – ‘A.I.R. (All India Radio)’ from Escalator Over The Hill (1971)
Henry Flynt – ‘Glissando No. 1’ (1979)
John Fahey – ‘Red Cross, Disciple Of Christ Today’ (2003)
The Wind Harp – ‘Circle’s End’ from Song from the Hill (1972)

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