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NTS Radio: with Reckno

A couple of years in the making, this week’s show saw a visit from RECKNO boss Chris Catlin. RECKNO, with its tagline of “frontierless abstract record label”, was a big inspiration for me when we set out to make some tapes. Each release felt so considered, with a richness of wonky sound and beautifully cohesive artwork across the board, all tied together with affectionately self-aware editorial. In a triumph I suppose of what a label should provide, the catalogue forms an audio-visual whole. Obviously I was chuffed to finally corner Chris to swig some scrumpy and play songs together. We sway from ultra-clean midi-prog to lo-fi rock dripping in black magic. Keep an ear out for some unreleased RECKNO (and Kit) stuff in there too. Thanks man!

Aki Tsuyuko – Fantasia
Faust – Flashback Caruso
Pete Finger – Told You So
Goodiepal – Red Man K’s Bedrifter
Graham Lambkin – Abersayne
Cosmic Neighbourhood – Bunkbeds
Pady McAloon – I Trawl the Megahertz
Devonanon – Oslo
Turtledoves – Spirit Glow // Youth Eternal
Nah Not Never – (Don’t Ask)
Yaaard – True Romance
Bruce Langhorne – Opening
Sebadoh – New King
Alessandro Ravi – Fuori dal Cerchio
Annette Peacock – Mr Joy
Poirier Marshall Partners – ATELIER2
Frank Zappa – Regyptian Strut
Saboten – Scratched song
Weasel Fury – Rev K P III
Pelt – The Doctor’s Nightcap
Food Court – Fumeux fume par fumée
Drömloch – I/O
HENRY CARAVAN – Rotation 2 3 1
Stevie Nicks – Gypsy
Bruce Langhorne – Closing
Third Eye Foundation– Closure

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