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NTS Radio: with Alexis Taylor

This was a very special NTS Radio show, with the wonderful Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip. We played songs and talked about Alexis’s new Listen With(out) Piano, a companion record to his Piano LP from last year. Veering from Ethiopiques to Raymond Scott, via Spiritualized and a 12ft high German piano, we explored the relationship between keyboards and ‘functional’ music. A pleasure!

Alexis Taylor – So Much Further To Go
Maryam Guebrou – The Homeless Wanderer
Plush – Virginia / More You Becomes You
Jan Johansson – Emigrantvisa
Mark Hollis – The Colour of Spring
Idea Fire Company – The Life of the Party
Alexis Taylor & Rupert Clervaux – Lonely Vagabond
Spiritualized – Pure Phase Tones for DJs C
Han Bennink, John Coxon and Ashley Wales – AT1
Neil Young – Dead Man 1
Florian Fricke – Spirit of Peace 1
Messiaen – Regard du Pére
Nils Frahm – Ode
Betsy Taylor – In The Light Of The Room
Mary Lattimore – Otis Walks into the Woods
Brian Degraw ‎– Sonic The Warhol
Raymond Scott – Sleepy Time
Felt – Ferdinand Magellan
Danny Passarella & Perc – Play
Bob Dylan – Went To See The Gypsy (Alternate Version)

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