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Kit Mix #144: Bug bus piano

The latest in our mix series is this wonderfully weird and charming effort from Seattle producer and artist Bug bus piano – spanning lonely piano and flute, time-stretched grungey oddness and some ace lo-fi riffage.

Stay tuned to Bug bus piano’s bandcamp for a full-length CD of new songs, plus a multimedia work with drawing, video, song and performance, to be released soon! More words from Bugbus below…

“Hello, here is my mix! It is 25 min.


The first song is by Yximalloo. I don’t know the title but it’s from the A side of his album from 1986, called “New Classic”. Yximalloo is a legend and deserves way more notoriety and respect, he has been making this kind of great music for a long time and still does, here is a link to his soundcloud; you can also buy new and old tapes and CDs from him/his own label Sakura Wrechords!

2nd song is from the soundtrack to the movie 追悼のざわめき (Noisy Requiem) from 1988. The movie is really sad. And I do not think I understood a lot of it, but it affected me either way, and the soundtrack is so cool.. The same director also made a movie called Pig Chicken Suicide (1981) which is one of my favorite movies and it’s also very sad to me.

3rd song is “Halo” by The Pennikurvers. It’s from 1995. I used to cry a LOT while listening to this in highschool but I’m uhhhh “all better” now.

4th song is “Abbiocco” by 엄마친구아들. I have a feeling my friend made it but I have no idea actually. Maybe it was uploaded by my mother’s friend’s son. My friend Jas told me that the korean phrase, “엄마친구아들” means like, “mother’s friend’s son is the best boy”. It was uploaded onto a very great bandcamp account called Chorewheel. I forget if it’s still around but with a different name. Every single song uploaded on there was solid pure gold and made by a human god. This song can make me cry. I think I slowed it down slightly so I apologize in advance if the creator is enraged by this. Sorry I had to do it make it BPM match!!!! and I may have changed the pitch too LOL. It is REALLY hard to BPM match manually in audacity.

5th song is called “mine” by my friend non rox. Here is his soundcloud; I really really love all of his songs and respect him a lot.

6th song is ‘Saddest Vacation’ by my friend Chris Tran. His tape is one of my prized possessions. Still waiting for a new album of his. I will tell the world whenever it is done.

7th song is ‘Battery Pack’ by Rainer Maria. It’s from 1995.

8th song is “Oh Wie Nah ist der Weg Hinab” by Popol Vuh. This song is from the soundtrack to a great movie called Herz aus Glas (1977). At the halfway point of the song it changes and turns happy. I cried listening to this a lot recently. This is how I always hope my sad, frustrating and overall bad moments in life will become, like I hope for positivity as the eventual outcome. I always get sad and things are always shifting towards bad because our society is so cruel and inhuman but I know I will always feel good once more and see a new Earth.

9th song is “My Own Private Idunno” by my friend Stewart Bird ( To me the song sounds like the bog from whence we all came, but there is a wandering medieval musician walking by and glimpsing at her past.

10th song is called ‘By Tomorrow’ by the band Black Tambourine. This song is cool and she says ‘I’m a ghost’ which I like. I felt like this was a good place to end the mix.

Hope you enjoy,

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