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NTS Radio: Hardangervidda

We were really proud of this transportive show, which was chosen to nestle on the NTS Radio homepage. It features loads of new compositions and field recordings from a bike trip Richard made between Bergen and Helsinki, which involved traversing the snowy and beautifully desolate Hardangervidda National Park. This was weaved in and amongst Swedish Jazz, lonely cowboy music and John B McKenna playing a piano duet with a helicopter.

The live mixes of Hardangervidda from this show were later knitted into Devonanon's City of All Times project.

The result is a web of chance impressions - overheard conversations, rural ambience and eavesdropped rehearsals captured on the fly yet weirdly interlocking, like a dizzying expanse of avenues and streets, country lanes and subways. A city where there is no homogenisation - just total existence, total cacophony, a total flowing of human ethnicities and tribes and beings and gradations of awareness and consciousness and cruising.

Jan Johansson – Visa från Utanmyra
Eating Flowers – Naturalistic Fallacy
Devon Loch & Monoganon – Bergen > Helsinki collage
Edmund Finnis – Tosca
United Bible Studies – Blacksands
Bruce Langhorne – Riding Thru The Rain
Jib Kidder – Mr. Bear
Micachu and the Shapes – Suffering
Nina Simone – Just Say I Love Him
Jam Money – Happy Mantle
Norwell – Aeaeae
Jake Meginsky – Rasp
Musica Antiqua of London – Susanne Un Jour
Eating Flowers – Demonstration Tone / Under The Sun They Presented Smiles To The World; Under The Moon, They Were Lost In Thought: So They Had Quietly Passed The Years
Jake Meginsky – Vandals (excerpt)
Devon Loch – Ascent
Bob Dylan – Billy’s Theme
Norwell – Ison
Wanda Group – Outer Alsation (excerpt)
Third Ear Band – Air
Norwell – Running Sculptures
Tomáš Dvorák – The Glasshouse With Butterfly
Amanda Feery & Michael Tanner – Sybelline
Ivor Cutler – The Path
Jake Meginsky – Vandals (excerpt)
Pete Finger – Second Love
Norwell – Hyperbole
Monoganon – Piano improv (with helicopter)
Dave Swarbrick – My Singing Bird

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