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。.:*☆✧*:・゚♡✌︎ !

these two songs mean a lot to me and i felt it was time to share ♥︎
they are, in a way, twin sides of a strange and precious coin: on one face, despair in the face of death -- dark, sad, yet revealed to be beautiful in its own way, because of how within those difficult emotions is an avenue for meaningful connection with something larger...
...and in this manner, despair and death can be transformed into life again -- a blossoming into something bright, warm, joyful.

thanks to dear kit records for taking this bb on; in their words:

Wisconsin-raised, east coast-based artistic polymath aden surfaces on London's Kit Records, following their acclaimed EP on Goldsmiths University's own NX (itself an offshoot of Matthew Herbert's Accidental imprint).


These two new pieces see undulating piano meet with carnatic percussion, contrails of brass and melodic bass, in increasingly uncategorisable constellations. aden's tenderly acrobatic voice is itself deployed as an instrument, earthly hums and stellar ad libs helixing ambitiously into the void.

Recommended if you like L'Rain, Francis Plagne, Tirzah.

flow / in the midst are released together with a collectible sculptural necklace edition made by visual artist Martha Hviid.

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