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Kit Mix #142: Yaffle

Here’s a truly lovely mix of floaty instrumentals and playful soundtracks from the Moscow-based composer and NTS chatroom legend Yaffle. With a healthy Japanese contingent and generally charming, sandbox-meander kinda vibe, it’s no wonder this mix was made by a games designer. Yaffle creates games that deal with prosaic issues, such as bruised banana woes, or the pitfalls of going in for the wrong handshake; check them out at LOWPOLIS.


His regular HDMR broadcasts, complete with swirly 3d graphics, are a must too. Stay tuned for more music from Yaffle this year.

Rei Harakami – intro
Laundry – Lawn Feeling
H. Takahashi – Limestone
Takashi Yoshimatsu, Kyoko Tabe – Pleiades Dances IV: Memory of Interlude
Squarepusher – SEB-1.01
Daedelus – Shot and Shell
Roméo Poirier – Apella
Broadcast – Echo’s Answer
kordz – Lover’s Funk
Seiho – Edible Chrysanthemum
Hauschka – Two Stones
Toshio Masuda – Shin’en
naran ratan – jam for bwengo
frere tuck – canicule
Hitomi Satō – Eterna Forest
Broshuda – Vanilla Sneak
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Signal F
Bibio – Marram
Ventla – Musashinodai
Yaffle – Craft
Duval Timothy – Bum

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