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Kit Mix #188: Tine Net

"Where do you go to find butterflies in a solar system?" Recorded performances from the backyard, songs from conversations ("Hey I heard this today..."), finds from local thrift store bins, tracks from friends and (past, present, and future) collaborators, sounds from Minnesota and people who live/have lived here. A collaborative effort by Tine Net.

1. Bounce (Live Under the Tree) by Tine Net / Peach Whisper (MK Remix)
2. Essence/Universe by Larajji
3. Comet Thrills the Sky by Good Doom
4. Voices Raised In Welcome, Hands Held In Prayer by Japan
5. - · - ·  · · - ·  - · - ·  · - · · by Miyu Hosoi
6. Rhythm Song by Evelyn Glennie
7. Música da Lagoa by Hermeto Pascoal
8. Winter Wren Transcribed to Vowels by David A. Jaffe & Julius O. Smith
9. 59° 02’ N 158° 25’ W by Douglas Quin and SFSE from SSMLS VIII
10. Palm Wish (Tall Wrinkle Remix) by Tall Wrinkle
11. Will to Love by Neil Young
12. Palm Wish (Hannah Aaaron Remix) by Hannah Aaron
13. Sei by Ebi
14. When Love Breaks Down by Prefab Sprout
15. Bigger The Punch I'm Feeling by China Crisis
16. Untotooku by Chiemi Manabe
17. Silence by Dip In The Pool
18. Sleep Helix by Cole Pulice
19. Lavender Touch (Tine Net Remix) by Tine Net
20. Tempered Green (Naomi Crocker Remix) by Naomi Crocker
21. Cradle Song by Rob Whitesides-Woo / God's Country Film Clip (1985) by Louis Malle

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