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Kit Mix #147: Stewart Bird

A truly lovely mix here from gentle New York drone merchant and guitarist Stewart Bird. One of those mixes where it becomes hard to tell what song begins when and where, when did this start or end, who am I anyway and why the hell are we all here. A bit like trying to read Joyce hanging upside down in a sauna. Words from Stewart:

"I don't really know have much to say other than a thank you (yourself and kit recs) for the opportunity and to bugbus for putting me on which led to this happening :) attached is a page from one of my bosses scores that i think is nice.  I am at his house now in northern vermont by myself, and its very quiet."

moss harvest - vitrine vii - resolute

mdo with exael - wig

armpit - fucko

yoran - je derve avec láir

mark templeton - range road

frere tuck - tutorial woods
stewart bird - untitled july 3 

stewart bird - untitled july 3 (2)

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