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Kit Mix #143: Rosen

A massive thank you to visual and sound artist Rosen for providing us with 30minsofdisassociativelistening. Our first contact with Rosen’s work came via her ‘transmedia narrative’ Portals, a sort of point-and-click interactive fiction set in a monochrome world of ankle deep water, desolate structures and strangely ruptured sonics. No surprise, then, that she is a key member of the intangible Quantum Natives, a crew of visual artists and musicians that inhabit a series of serrated geographies. Rosen’s mix, like her music, descends and circles with a virtual hum, realities converging like acetate on a projector.

Christina Vantzou – Brain Fog
The Sundays – Life & Soul
Rosen – Anaemia
Recsund – If You’re Going to Say It Like That
Rosen – les terribles (excerpt)
Cibo Matto – Sugar Water
Rosen – SadCaveKaraoke
Rachel Grimes – The Corner Room
Yearning Kru – Hungover in Zanarkand (excerpt)
PJ Harvey – Horses in My Dreams
Max Eastley – Swung Aeolian Flutes and Grass Blade
Satoshi Ashikawa – Still Park Ensemble
Kassel Jaeger, Stephen Mathieu, Akira Rabelais – Zauberberg (excerpt)
The Art of Noise – Comes and Goes

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