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Raymond Sky

Raymond Sky debuts with six high-fidelity excursions into our not-so-distant future. Opener 'In the lap of luxury' sets the tone – a shimmering ode to maximised potential, laser-cut from the charged air of a Bay Area penthouse. The fizzing techno of 'Final fantasy' brings things to a close, burning its way towards an irresistible date with its own optimised future, perfect abstraction, and the big data cloud in the sky. 


But who actually is Raymond Sky? The ever supportive Twenty Jazz Funk Greats offer three speculations:

  • Raymond Sky is a Hungarian PhD student in an interdisciplinary electro-acoustics PhD programme at UCLA, writing a dissertation on generative music based on the emergent behaviours of simple digital creatures. He funds his growing need for processing power and storage space by DJing at cocaine parties in the evenings.

  • Raymond Sky is a Walter Mitty-like character with a background in Operations Research whose job is to optimise the itineraries of a jovial army of travelling salesmen questing through the American Midwest with an arsenal of kitchen utensils they peddle to digiphobe seniors. His hobby is to make music that adds gradients and anti-aliased curves to the linear beauty of his optimisation algorithms.

  • Raymond Sky is a kaleidoscopic void precisely designed to inspire in those who gaze at it the desire to invent strange existences for its creator, adding new facets to the music which then add new facets to the imaginary personas thus devised, generating a strange self-reinforcing loop that expands to fill our brain’s computing space with a marvellous army of fantasies conjugating the precision of the engineer with the intuition of the artist.




The Magic Kingdom

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