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Radio 15

It's fun arranging such brilliant songs performed by your friends. Spanning strung out folk, African acapella, recumbent psych, extended ragas and paranoid glitch, 'Radio 15' comprises live recordings made by Kit Records in the NTS Live studio during 2015. 

Opening with the homespun blues freakouts of Sophie Cooper, this tape soon goes all dreamy under the mystical bow of Cara Stacey, before Jam Money's heady brew of bass clarinet, bowed guitar plus assorted bells and whistles. Side B begins with the timeless beauty of rubab master Liam Rees, who is then joined by his virtuosic equal on the tabla, Sarathy Korwar. Devon Loch and Cosmic Neighbourhood provide a psychedelic outro tinged with playful melancholy and naive improvisation. 

Hand decorated, designs will vary.

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