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Radio 14

This tape compiles the first batch of live sessions we held at NTS Radio. Varying background noise and recording quality - consistent love, talent and gusto. 

From the primitive guitar rollickers of C Joynes to ICHI's bizarro insectoid J-pop, Side A is a collection of laid back Summer recordings, all tinged with the hubbub of Gillett Square. Seamus Fogarty's heartbreaking folk tune 'My Boy Willie', set to words by the Irish sean-nós singer Joe Heaney, is possibly the tape highlight. It'll make you cry. On that day the beautiful voice and sleepy thrums of Rozi Plain also rang through the studio. A month or so later, Rachael Dadd graced NTS too. 

The flipside is a colder, more abstract proposition. Beginning with Leafcutter John's extraordinary Light Interface session (performed with bike lights, cigarette lighter and indoor sparklers!), and leading into Aisha Orazbayeva's Russian poetry reading, deconstructed Telemann, and crunching, swishing violin improv. She brandishes that stick like a fencer. 

We feel very honoured to have witnessed this music live in the small metal box that is NTS Radio, and even more thrilled to release it. Eternal gratitude to all of our NTS session guests, and roll on Radio 15!

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