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R. Stevie Moore’s Favourite Records, Today


Pretty self-explanatory from DIY lo-fi wizard R. Stevie Moore - this guest mix is a huge, unabashed rollercoaster of powerpop, '60s psych, merry abstrusity and, er, sex noises. We particularly enjoyed the drunk Guraldi ebb and flow of Tupper Saussy, and Spanky and Our Gang's blinkin' hilarious walkthrough of new-fangled stereo sound. Thanks Stevie.

The Easybeats – Pretty Girl
Pretty Things – Sickle Clowns
Killing Joke – Money Is Not Our God
White Noise – My Game Of Loving
Jason Falkner – Holiday
Jellyfish – The King Is Half Undressed
Cripsy Ambulance – Concorde Square
Asylum Choir – Thieves In The Choir
Colours – Where Is She
The Bee Gees – In My Own Time
Ken Nordine – Hafta Have You
My Bloody Valentine – New You
Blues Magoos – Pipe Dream
Eggstone – The Dog
Tupper Saussy Monument – The Centaur
Family – Larf And Sing
Touch – We Feel Fine
The Beach Boys – How She Boogalooed It
Foo Fighters – I’ll Stick Around
Ray Stevens – Ahab the Arab
PiL – Cowboy Song
James Brown – I Got a Bag of My Own
John Cage – 4’33”
Spanky and Our Gang – Leopard Skin Phones
Stone Temple Pilots – Big Bang Baby

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