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R. Karim

Little is known about R. Karim and his sole release, Object of Unknown Provenance, which surfaced on Kit sometime in 2015. We do know OOUP is a selection of music from Karim's archives, written for film, theatre and his own enjoyment. His view is panoramic yet hyper-detailed - taking in elated cloudways and microscopically fractal terrain. Born digitally, but crackling with a weird sentience. Cold and warm. Tender vocals buried beneath painfully EQ'd, hiccupping breaks. VSTs self-chain, chatter and threaten to rip themselves apart like a centrifuge. OST to the Neuromancer film that never was. 


In Feb 2020, five years on from the initial sighting, we re-released Object of Unknown Provenance, remastered by the great Sam Annand and with eye-popping new artwork by Tommy Brentall. Grab a limited edition risograph print below. 


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