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Vic Bang is the solo project of Buenos Aires based artist Victoria Barca. 


On "Lira", her first release with Kit, Vic marshals miniature sounds, impossibly crisp samples, synthesis, micro-melodies and eclectic rhythms to cultivate a tiny and organic chaos. Victoria has participated in different experimental music projects since 2006, and released her first album under the Vic Bang alias, "Blop", through Aylu's Abyss label.

Victoria has performed live for numerous cultural centres and festivals, such as Mutek (Buenos Aires), Hyperlocal Festival (UK) and Vrooom (Rotterdam), among others. She is also part of Amplify, an initiative developed by the British Council, that connects women artists around the world.




"During the 1950s to mid-1960s, Americans who came of age during World War II became familiar with a new music genre, Exotica. Cut to 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, and Vic Bang’s "Lira" (as in lyrebird, the most complexly-muscled of songbirds, with an extraordinary ability of mimicry), resembles - dare we say - Exotica 2.0. We are again immersed in the computed jungle: its sounds sharp as ever with Vic’s masterful - and intriguing - sense of rhythm; textures elastic to the point of tactile tangibility. We bounce, we run, we joke around, and rarely do we rest during this amazing record. Like tumbling levels in a video game, new sceneries are unfastened - some tender, and others - as with all greatness - feel almost inappropriate." - Delfina Peydro

Vic Bang - "Lira" cassette