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A sonic expedition that traces the serrated coastline of Norway and briny depths of the North Sea, Kystwerk sees Kit's resident lifeguard and aqua aficionado Roméo Poirier joining forces with the poet Lars Haga Raavand. Four years in the making, Kystwerk's palette is intoxicatingly vast: a sighing mass in turns opaque and rich with life. A swell of strings, field recordings and electronics plunging fathoms deep amongst the clicks and whirrs of creatures unknown. Discordant, Copland-esque brass emerges, like some menacing flotsam, and mesmerising tows of piano chords recall the disjointed harmonies of Jonny Greenwood or Murcof. Then, to cement the trance, Raavand lilts and enounces delicately, before he too is swallowed up. 


video for Vinterens hval :: 


Roméo & Lars live :: 



"Particularly gorgeous" - Tom Ravenscroft (BBC 6Music) 


"a gentle and emotional play on natural sounds and the glory, threat and joy of the natural world" - Norman Records 


"Poirier and Raavand manage to go beyond words, communicating a chilly nautical majesty" - Bandcamp 


"The music of language and speech is as powerful as its meaning, interrupted and broken with periods. Rolling off the tongue, Raavand’s words echo a mystery, each syllable drenched in a bleak and cold tone worthy of the North Sea. Ranging from normal conversational volume to a final, fading whisper, the voice is a looping and a lulling, an ebbing away and a finding of temporary rhythm. The sea will claim this, too" - A Closer Listen

Roméo Poirier & Lars Haga Raavand - Kystwerk LP

  • 12" vinyl pressed in Germany by Optimal, and poetry book.