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Kit Mix #181: Phantom Limb

Phantom Limb is a label group, music publisher and live agency formed in 2017 by former staff of FatCat, Thrill Jockey, Mute and Hot Salvation. Through its own original records and its partner labels, Phantom Limb oversees new releases every week. Its own Autumn release schedule includes seminal UK experimental musician Richard Skelton and the kaleidoscopic Afro-Futurist hip-hop of Baltimore's Infinity Knives.


This mix - compiled by Phantom Limb director James Vella - features music from its own label and publishing catalogues, as well as releases from its partner labels RVNG Intl., figureight and Metron. It covers Japan, Egypt, Portugal and Turkey in a broadly international exploration.

Real Fish - Belly Roll
Ami Dang - Bopoluchi
WaqWaq Kingdom - Relax in Chaos
James Place - Vanishing [Dylan Henner remix]
El Mahdy Jr - Baat'n
DJ Firmeza - Alma do Meu Pai
Richard Skelton - For The Application of Fire
MA - Senzen
Claude Speeed - Facebook Meditations
Özgür Baba - Çay Taşı
John Carroll Kirby - II
Maral - Avesta Khani Reggaeton
Greg Fox - From The Cessation of What
M Sage - Lions to Baffle
OCA - Baby's First Blade of Grass
Leo Abrahams & Shahzad Ismaily - Ravenna
DAU - Jam Jar

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