Otherworld / Time Binding Ensemble

Kay Logan is a multi-disciplinary artist, instrumentalist and sound engineer from Airdrie, now living in Glasgow. Her guitar and bass work in sweaty, thrashing outfits like Herbert Powell and Anxiety are an inverse corollary to the curious tapestries in which Otherworld and Time Binding Ensemble shape. The preternatural stylistic sensibility Logan exhibits in all of her work isn’t limited to sound, either – she’s a prodigious visual artist with the kind of signature sartorial sensibility that could launch a thousand ships, or lookalikes. 

We released Kay's 'stunning, perfectly zonked and secretive drone visions' (in the words of Boomkat), Mad Wee Light, on cassette back in 2018. Rumour has it a vinyl press is in the works.

In 2021 we were lucky enough to bring Kay's alchemic neo-classical project, Time Binding Ensemble, to vinyl for the first time. Nothing New Under the Sun arrives in 24 parts of equal length, the collection cycling through each key of the musical scale before returning to its starting point, like a sundial etching sound from shadows cast throughout a day and night.

Inspired by the crumbling brutalism of St. Peter's Roman Catholic seminary in her native Scotland, Logan employs traditional instruments (french horn, bassoon, clarinet, oboe, violin, viola, and cello) fed through otherworldly machines to imbue them with a heavy-lidded, sacred geometry. An Escherian stairwell of a record.