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Kit Mix #170: OOH-sounds

"OOH-sounds [over our heads] is a record label / book publisher devoted to exploring the contemporary. We also curate the Florence experimental festival Hand Signed (featuring artists such as Philip Jeck, Peder Mannerfelt, Valerio Tricoli, Beatrice Dillon, Mark Fell, Masayoshi Fujita, Kassel Jaeger, Nicola Ratti, Andrea Belfi, Bill Kouligas, Sam Kidel, Oliver Coates...), and run a monthly residency on the excellent Bristol radio station Noods."

Peter Handke - Offending the Audience feat. Jim Fletcher

Ana Roxanne - Immortality

Voronoi - V25 (Jesse Osborne-Lanthier re-work)

Harry-Polkinhorn - Change

Holy Similaun - R-E-S


Jenna Sutela - Nimiia Vibié I

Wesqk Coast - Estate Nera

Brian McOmber - Next Stop the Moon

Andrew Peklier / Ben Vince / Sugai Ken - Crape Myrtle

Oliver Coates - Path in, J Lover One, Yomi, Umbo

XDCVR_ - 3rd Left / 5 Down

Voronoi - Marbles

Donato Epiro - Luce Assente

Georgia - A Habitual Sway

Heith - Extra Melma

Backwords - Tanzania

Harry-Polkinhorn - Machine

Rian Treanor - A1

$hit & $hine - Drinkin

Mica Levi - Monos

Sim Hutchins - Druk Pak

S P A T I A L - Reification

Dale Cornish - California

Bangalore - The Storm

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