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Object Agency

Object Agency is the nom de plume of Fyfe-born musician Michael Marshall. Having played the viola as a youth for a variety of orchestras, Michael soon picked up the guitar and drums, playing in Glasgow with the likes of Aidan Moffat and This is the Kit, before moving to Brussels. It was here he met long-time collaborator Roméo Poirier, and began crafting his solo sound - lush swathes of Juno knitted together with deliciously glitchy string loops and drum machines.

His debut tape, A Revolution in Customer Service, beams over like a compilation of hold music for various off-moon corporations: viola-driven noise and cryogenic synths orbiting and colliding like atoms in high-fidelity. Marshall's long-awaited follow up LP, Abaa Cove, kicks off with an alarmingly crisp KLANG. This is bell-clear, defiantly positive dance music; the sound of a data farm coolly exploring every corner of itself, laughing, lifting free of its moorings and floating into space. 

Recommended for fans of Haruomi Hosono, Laurie Spiegel and Oliver Coates. Michael also makes music in the Kit duo Poirier Marshall Partners.

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