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NTS Radio: with Cassandre Balbar


This week's was a very special show, as we were joined by the musician, academic and Galician bagpipe expert Cassandre Balbar. Having written a PhD on Maltese pipes at SOAS, Cassandre now lectures at Lincoln, when she's not organising the International Bagpipe Conference or gigging around Europe with various bands. In short, she's one busy bagpipe lady. For this show, she played records from various international pipers, performed solo and was also joined by the lyra player Thodoris Ziarkas for some duets of ancient Greek music. An honour!

Thodoris Ziarkas - Letter not to be sent
Aufklärung - I
MMMD - Az álmok itt érnek véget (rész 1)
Krasimir Rachev - Trakisski Bavna Melodia, Tracian Slow Melody
Nicolas Gaunin - NoaNoa
Bonnendis - Aretousa / Erotokritos 
Running Point - Medica / Medita 3

Cassandre Balbar & 
Thodoris Ziarkas - Koursarikos / Ikaria (live)
Popol Vuh - Der Ruf
Bagad Cap Caval - Sonerien Bleimor
Gabo Gulbenkian - François Péron
Ximbomba Atomica - Cercaviles de Muro a Orleans
Rashad Becker - themes VII
Världens Band - Thillana

Graham Lambkin - Loss
Cassandre Balbar - Jota de Boimorto
Pauline Oliveros - Horse Sings From Cloud

Cassandre Balbar & 
Thodoris Ziarkas - Muiñeira do Galo (live)
Robert Stillman - PORTAL 6
Andy May - Happy Hours
Stewart Bird - Oregon Alias
100 Kaba Gaida Orchestra - Gaidarski Melodii (Bagpiper’s Melody)

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