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NTS Radio: Shostakovich Special

In November 2017 we devoted a whole two hours of NTS airtime to one of our favourite composers, Dmitri Shostakovich. Born in 1906 and dying in 1975, Shostakovich spent his entire adult life under the Soviet regime. His style evolved from dissonant constructivism, encouraged in the early days of Russian communism, to twisted fanfares, maniac waltzes and frenzied / tragic portraits of Leningrad and Stalin himself. Always walking the line between accolade and imprisonment, Shostakovich made work that bears the scars of an oppressive regime, and, some argue, contains hidden codes and messages crying out against it.

While touching on Shostakovich’s 15 symphonies, a cornerstone of his output, we also tried to focus on his chamber music and the brilliant preludes and fugues. A big thanks to Francesco from the wonderful Tafelmusik for helping us out on this one.

Cello Concerto No. 1 in E flat major, Op. 107: II. Moderato
Prelude No. 2 in A minor, Op. 87: Allegro
Piano Trio No. 2 in E minor, Op. 67: III. Largo
Symphony No. 5 in D minor, Op. 47: III. Largo
String Quartet No. 7 in F sharp minor, Op. 108: I. Allegretto
Symphony No. 9 in E flat major, Op. 70: I. Allegro
Sonata for Viola and Piano, Op. 147: III. Adagio
Fugue No. 17 in B flat Major, Op. 87: Andante
Piano Concerto in F major No. 2, Op. 102: II: Andante
Jazz Suite No. 2: II. Lyric Waltz
Piano Quintet in G minor, Op. 57: IV. Intermezzo
Sympony No. 7 in C major, Op. 60 ‘Leningrad’: II: Moderato
Fugue No. 13 in F sharp major, Op. 87: Adagio
Prelude No. 5 in D major, Op. 87: Allegretto

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