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NTS Radio: Music Overheard

This week’s NTS Radio show was a special collage of covert recordings, modern classical and unfinished songs, compiled using submissions from Kit artists and friends. The trip ranges from Oslo to Glasgow, via Swaziland, with many of the sounds taking place in London – from the pub pianos of the east end to St. Paul’s whispering gallery. The centrepiece is a recording of my meeting with the brilliant pianist Richard Uttley at his home in Hackney, where we talked about mazurkas, Bill Evans and the perils of broken piano strings. Richard plays on many of the longer pieces here, and has also selected wonderful works by his friends, including Naomi Pinnock and Matthew Kaner, for inclusion in the collage.

Francis Plagne – Fools and Fanatics Face The World Fantastic
Meeting Richard Uttley
Metal drawers, Oslo National Gallery
Matthew Kaner – Organum
The Nag’s Head – Speaker’s Corner
Laurie Nouchka x Auclair – St. Paul’s
Swazi children singing Umhlanga song
Matthew Kaner – Mazurka
Lung Dart found sounds
Man singing
Piano in the Pride of Spitalfields
Bingo at the Grand Ole Opry, Glasgow
Richard discusses broken strings
Lung Dart found sounds
Jonathan Harvey – Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco
Introducing the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Maida Vale
Football fans chanting
Shop, Bethnal Green Road
Laurie Nouchka x Auclair – Bishopsgate
Field recording at Mmabolela Reserve, South Africa
Mark Simpson – Barkham Fantasy
Matthew Kaner – The Calligrapher’s Manuscript I
Naomi Pinnock – On a Clear Day
Laurie Nouchka x Auclair – Battersea Power Station
Bill Evans – Jade Versions (take 2)
Divine answerphone message
Man singing
Piano tuning, Vortex Jazz Club
Naomi Pinnock – String Quartet No. 2, movement 2
Piano improvisation + radiator, Bristol
Matthew Kaner – The Calligrapher’s Manuscript II
Francisco Coll – Vestiges
The first carillon in Ukraine
Naomi Pinnock – String Quartet No. 2, movement 1
Fauré – Violin Sonata, movement 3
Piano improvisation
Stockholm street
Mary Lattimore – Otis Walks into the Woods

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