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Michael Tanner

When he's not playing soccer, or stuffing his face with linguini, Michael Tanner casts a pastoral spell of ambient psych-folk under various guises - Plinth, The A.Lords, The Cloisters, Thalassing, Bible Student and other silly names. We released a first vinyl press of Plinth's frosty, psychedelic debut, Wintersongs, in 2014 - a record that lulls the listener into a half-imagined world, drawing equally from vague memories of childhood (eerie books borrowed from the library, quaint otherworldly television serials and hours spent exploring old attics and junkshops), and a heartfelt love and appreciation of the English countryside and the ancient villages dotted around it.


In 2016 we were lucky enough to release a new work by Michael, Suite for Psaltery and Dulcimer: a limited LP inspired by '70s new-age cassettes and the shape of the Sussex landscape. Syd Barrett's songs have been likened to 'little spells', and Michael's music too feels as though it is possessed by a strange and enchanting magic. Hearing Wintersongs or Psaltery fade out for the last time is to be gently roused from a dream and, perhaps sadly, returned to the present time. 

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