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Kit Mix #152: •{∏}•{•}•{∏}•{•}•{∏}•

Here's a stupendous summer mix from Danish artist and selector Martha Hviid, encompassing breezy pop, forgotten jangle guitar gems, youtube excursions and spoken word. Check out loads of other brill mixes by Martha here. More words from Martha below!

"This mix was made alongside a project for an exhibition I have coming up. It pictures these reptilian-like creatures, who might have been there before us, but they might also have arrived from elsewhere, after us, and come here to observe and try to understand us. The project is about being an alien, being in flux, relying on familiarity and strangeness colliding and shaping new realities. It's about stepping outside of one's self and trying to remember early, basic and connecting mechanics of the body (understanding colours, shapes, numbers, sounds, gravity), it's about growing, and feeling more complex and subjective emotions of belonging and not belonging, (ways of loving, trusting and doubting, deciphering nuances in languages and embedding oneself in some kind of geography) and it's about imagining things to come (new types of communities with their rituals, beauty and nonsense).


I guess all this is a lot to put into one mix, or one artwork. The whole thing becomes quite eclectic, so I've tried to shape it in a way that could both mimic tuning around between radio waves, or moving in some kind of landscape by various modes of transportation. Hopefully it's also just a pleasant sensory experience that doesn't need overthinking. More than anything I just want people to feel feelings.


I made some personal notes to a few of the tracks.





Schlafengarten - Radioheat
Sesame Street Martians Radio
U.S. Girls – Navy & Cream *
The Hers – Clarinet Greats
Mu Vonz – Ai **
Emile The Duke - Enter
Arafat Brigande – Whereabouts (Spacebase Version Ras G Remix)
Meredith Monk – Book Of Days: Xx. Fields/Clouds
Operating Theatre – Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth
Seth Price – Say Something Wronged
Jomfru Ane Band – Lailas Kærlighed ***
Cheri Knight – primary Colors
Hooliganship – 123 ****
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe – Simple Harmonic Motion *****
Sleep ∞ Over – Untitled ******
Heimat - Wek
Nana Mouskouri – Enas Mythos *******
Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 – Ye-Me-Li
Rosario Bléfari – Vidriera Chilena
Blurt – Some Come
Baby Buddha – Then I Sleep
Europeans - Europeans
Jens Rubin & De Matchende Læber – Seriøs Vinter ********
Jacob Samuel - Dedicated
Nick Carr - Swahili
H.E.B. Grackles, Austin Texas *********
Dara Birnbaum - Damnation of Faust: Will-o'-the-Wisp (A Deceitful Goal)**********
Supertalented – Hello & Goodbye ***********
The KLF - Brownsville Turnaround On The Tex-Mex Border

* shout-outs to Meg
** probably the artist I listen to the most at any given time of day, during any season of the year
*** shout-outs to my dad on bass
**** shout-outs to Peter
***** composed for a soundpiece I did with the same title. To be released as a limited lathe cut edition by Aventures Ltd in summer 2018 - obvious shout-outs to Rob and Rose
****** shout-outs to Stef
******* this was the last song on the first mix I did 8 years ago. I still think it’s one of the best songs ever made
******** shout-outs to Jens (rockstjernen)
********* recorded when i lived there in 2014.
********** from one of my favourite video art pieces, which I highly recommend watching

*********** shout-outs to Noa (and baby Agnes)"

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