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Lung Dart

Lung Dart are Tim Clay and James Rapson - together they make harmoniously eroded pop music, taking live instrumentation, spontaneous phone recordings and rich vocals, before filtering them all through some kind of psychedelic bitcrushed wormhole. The result sounds like Scott Walker skyping Lonnie Holley in a wind tunnel.

Lung Dart's debut LP, As I Lay Drying, was a choral excursion into the bowels of YouTube, bellowing machinery and the wind clipping off Leicestershire hills at 4am. In 2017 we commissioned a remix tape of AILD, which saw Clay and Rapson's voices stretched, crushed and obliterated into twelve new postures by some of our favourite producers, including Haddon, Mobbs, Object Agency and Bianca Scout.

Also be sure to check out Lung Dart's brilliant NTS Radio show.

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