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Limbo // Fill Me Up


We had the pleasure of soundtracking the opening of Limbo Gallery's new Project Space, in Margate. Sounds ranged from the psychedelic nature documentary weirdness of Edward Williams, to Robert Stillman's transportive PORTALS project, and addictive new stuff from Lukid.

Having undergone a series of changes over the years, this impressive, multi-purpose space will now host a lively program of exhibitions, workshops, residencies and collaborations with local artists, community groups, and practitioners from further afield. The building housing the Project Space has a rich history, dating back to 1849: it is a former electrical substation, which provided DC power to the tramlines of Margate, and then to Dreamland. The building also houses a collection of artists’ studios. To celebrate the opening of our Project Space, we are holding an exhibition showcasing the work of the Limbo studio holders. This show brings together disparate practices – from dada-inspired sculpture to prosaically unsettling charcoal drawings, manually conscious painting and archival performance – the only thing connecting these works is their state of Limbo.

Edward Williams – The Giant Clam, Slow Dance For Nudibranchs
Robert Stillman – PORTAL 1
Eating Flowers – Naturalistic Fallacy
Pierre Bastien – Quiet Motors
Yaffle – Rise
Lukid – The Yips
Object Agency – Dads of Summer
Monoganon – Princ355
Jib Kidder – On Purpose
Duval Timothy – Whatsapp
Group Listening – Wenn Der Sudwind Weht
Vuptes & Broshuda – Verschwundene See
Martin Glass – Reach the Beach
Devonanon – Tidal 4

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