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Kit Mix #139: Lamb Life

A bundle of sonic goodness from Kit fave Jib Kidder’s psych / weird / pop imprint Lamb Life, where you can pick up all manner of sound gems from the mind of Jib, complete with exemplary artwork. Give this mix a twirl for lush, off-kilter swoops, sedated twinkles and hypnotic thuds. Quite exceptional. More words from the man himself below on his new project…

“Lamb Life is how I’ll release anything I’m a part of that can’t find another home or can only find shelter through compromise. The name kind of comes from the dream transcription that prefaces the Teaspoon to the Ocean liner notes. It’s output will all be cheaply made – CDs, tapes, zines – and I’ll be doing nothing to get the word out. I got rid of my cell phone and don’t have a laptop either and in that vein Lamb Life will be a largely offline label. I’m all grown up at this point and many people have been exposed to my music and it’s fairly clear that most people don’t like it and a few smart motherfuckers go crazy for it. But I know how to do every stage of it at this point, so I don’t really need to persuade industry non-musicians for access. That’s not to say that I’ll be doing everything myself, there is a trap of narcissism and solipsism in that that I’d like to avoid, I’ll be involving as many people as possible as far as actual musicians go, and my sort of long in the works masterpiece Nicotine Cathedral, and an as yet untitled improv ensemble record, that in my mind I consider something like the Lamb Life Orchestra, are coming about that way. Meanwhile, I’m working on my cello playing and prepping my 4 year old son to be my future Denardo Coleman. Our band Dragon Dragon I Love Dragons has 3 songs: Bok Choy Boy, I Like Singing & a sort of C&W version of Jingle Bells.

One thing I think about, and I think in a vague or complex way this relates to the idea of Lamb Life, is that fan emails are always horrible. If you’ve ever written an email to an artist expressing admiration, the recipient likely found the missive boring or depressing. But if the exact same words had been mailed to a PO box I believe they’d be received with gratitude. Enya summed it up in an interview this way: email – the energy is no good.”

Maurice Jarre – Lullaby For Lisa
Tom Recchion – A Christmas Filled With Tears
Donnacha Costella – Unconditional
Andrew Pekler – Moon Velvet
JJ Cale – Outside Lookin In
Mark Mothersbaugh – Suite – Part 1
Meat Puppets – Tumblin Tumbleweeds
Jimmie Crawford – Troops
Curt Kirkwood – Light Bulb
Sun Ra – Prelude To Stargazers
Justin Walter – It’s Not What You Think
Prince – A Place In Heaven

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