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Kit Mix #153: Santé Loisirs


Here's a wonderful mix of slide guitar, opera and cowboy gaze, all dotted with weird interludes, from the ace Brussels label Santé Loisirs. In the words of label boss Eric Kinny, it boasts "country via Blue gene tyranny via Santé Loisirs stuff via power pop". We urge you to check out the Loisirs back catalogue, from Jib Kidder's miniature experiments to frere tuck's signature Lon Lon Ranch meanderings - all tied together with Kinny's vibrant woodcuts. The overall impact is one of freewheeling wonder. More words from Eric below...

"I fell into country music when I started playing steel guitar a year ago so this mix contains some of my favourite tunes featuring this instrument. Mostly I feel nervous selecting country stuff, I see it as my guilty pleasure and don't know if listeners will enjoy it as much as I do, so I went into another field of guilty pleasure to embrace it - powerpop - but mellowed everything with "Blue" Gene Tyranny's incredible music and things I have released - or not yet - with my label Santé Loisirs.

I hope you'll like this mix, I wanted to include more country stuff but I keep it for another time! (my country bag is never empty). Eternal thanks to Richard for inviting me, this was fun to do.

ps: If you'd ever like some steel guitar on your music or a woodcut illustration please contact me goudrongoudron at gmail dot com."


"Blue" Gene Tyranny - The Flow of Body and Mind (Becomes Music for Any Country) (excerpt)

Willie Thrasher - Beautiful
Raphaël Desmarets & Eric Kinny - 19112017*
Doye O' Dell - Strange Night
Luke Simmons - Hey Baby
frere tuck - dofus*
Alex Chilton - Free Again
Willie Nelson - Good Hearted Woman (live)  
Autry Inman - Just Smile As You Go By
Jib Kidder - it's just begun!*
Harry Choates - Te Petite
Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West - Boogie Man
Velvet Underground - Caroline
Stew Clayton - The Canadian Trucker
Zach Phillips - Opponents*
"Blue" Gene Tyranny - unknown title (Recollections 01)
Gram Parsons - Brass Buttons
Adventure Time - S01E17 (excerpt)
Coy Jackson - Lookout Heart
frere tuck - chive*
DB Cooper - Ram On
Pont-à-Mousson - It's Alright*
Phil Seymour - Baby It's You 

* released or unreleased Santé Loisirs stuf

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