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Kit Mix #184 // Kaspar Tosin

Great, frenetic electronic and outernational mix here from Berlin via London producer Kaspar Tosin. We were lucky enough to host a live session with Kaspar on NTS in 2020. His debut release, Cadre, was one of the most exciting releases of last year for us too. Check out his work. Graphic design by Moritz Michael.  

Niagara - 7648
Simo Cell - Symmetry 
Perera Elsewhere, Aremu - Ebora
rkss - Coughs 
Object Agency - They Only Live to Get Radical 
Accident Du Travail - Ma391
Puto Tito - Rap
Zora Jones - Revenge of the Bitch
Vic Bang - Op
P. Adrix - Bola De Cristal 
Tim Hecker - Music of the Air 
ZULI - Wreck 
Rian Treanor - Obstacle 3 
Jlin - Never Created, Never Destroyed
Carl Craig, Francesco Tristano, Les Siècles, François-Xavier Roth, Beatrice Dillon - Darkness - Beatrice Dillon Remix 
Jeri-Jeri - Walo

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