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Kit Mix #175: Kajsa Lindgren

"So, this is a mixtape that is like a collection of/meditation over moods and inspirations. It begins
with a remix that Felicia Atkinson made for the Disrupted Worlds EP and ends with Shinkai by
Meitei. When I first heard Felicias remix, I was overwhelmed by the intimacy she brought out
from the sounds but also how she kept the (to me) soothing feeling of the original track,

This leads into Oceaner of radiovågor by 1900 (and all I can say is if you have the chance to
experience the performance 1900 – take it).

The third track on the mixtape, Stratus, is also from Disrupted Worlds and composed by David
Granström, who recently released his debut album A Distant Color, Secluded on XKatedral.
During the process of Everyone Is Here I got introduced to Sean McCanns music while looking
for someone to do the mastring. Seans music strikes me as so thoughtful, detailed and funny
and I’m so glad he was a part of the work. And this in turn lead to the beautiful music made by
Sarah Davachi...

... and so on. I don’t want to get into explaining every track on the mixtape... But every single
one has had an impact on me in different ways over an extended period of time (years, more

Cocoon (Cotton) – Felicia Atkinson
Oceaner av radiovågor – 1900
Les Tries – Maxwell August Croy, Sean McCann
Stratus – David Granström
String Quartet No. 2 ”Madárdal”: II. Adagio - Meno mosso – Andrea Tarrodi
Hebe – We like We, Jacob Kirkegaard
Third Hour – Sarah Davachi
Broth – Sean McCann
Vår – Hans Appelqvist
Melancholia II – William Basinski
Anti 1900 – 1900
Ur havsdjupen – Hans Appelqvist
Treetops – Kajsa Lindgren
Hagakyrkan Bells – Kali Malone
Moderato Cantabile – Felicia Atkinson
Boreal Kiss Pt. 1 – Tim Hecker
Atropa – Maria w Horn
Shinkai – Meitei

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