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Kit Mix #169: Jorge Antony Stride

"In 2017 after listening to a lot of Laurie Spiegel I got myself a little synthesizer and plugged it into my pedals and tried to make some music that to me was new, fun and spontaneous.


Some of these wandering improvisations got trimmed and made it on to a tape release entitled Sketches that came out last month on Primary Colours Records.


Here is a little mix of some of the many sound makers and sounds that gave me inspiration and helped me to understand the endless joys and freedom of turning on some cheap electronic gear and playing with them for hours."

Mimi Majick's Utilities - Mimi Majick's Utilities One

Black Dice - Island

Tomaga - Gonda's Dream

Oneohtrix Point Never -  Describing Bodies

Caboladies - Medic Yak

Sunburnt Hand of the Man - What Color is the Sky in the World You Live In? 

Piotr Kurek - Becoming Light

F.E. Denning - Untitled #4 (Excerpt)

Craig Leon - Ring With Three Concentric Discs

X.Y.R. - Middle of Nowhere

Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma - Hack Sat Zoom

Félicia Atkinson & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - E

Kali Malone - Black Gate I

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