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Kit Mix #98: Jake Meginsky


BEHOLD – almost two hours of weirded out club music, artery drones, visceral crunch and distorted breaks. Staggering stuff from Massachusetts producer Jake Meginsky. Aaron Dilloway’s underwater Psychic Driving grooves and Jake’s own unreleased stutter-thudding goodness around 40 minutes in had us scrabbling through the tracklist. Loads of unreleased gems and remixes in here.


Check out Jake’s awesome Vandals LP, out now on Open Mouth records.

Fleetwood Mac break – unreleased (JM)
Body/Head – “Last Mistress” – remix (JM)
DJ Rashad/DJ Manny – We Trippy Mane
Aaron Dilloway – #5 Psychic Driving Tapes
a5 – Anthony Levin-Decanini – Pairings/BirthPlan (brokenresearch)
Haitian Tape Loops/Inuit Vocal Music blend – Unreleased (JM)/Ubu Web/Penn Archives
Inuit Vocal Music –/ Mayazumi Moroi Blend (JM)
b3 – Anthony Levin-Decanini – Pairings/BirthPlan
Footholes -Vapor Gourds – Incision Objects
Unreleased Jake Meginsky / Inuit Vocal Music Ubu Web/Penn Archive
I don’t Give a Fuck – DJ Rashad
Knuckleball – Jake Meginsky
Sgriob – Jake Meginsky
Magic Daggers – Vapor Gourds – Dagger Magic
Unreleased – Vapor Gourds
Three Naga Uta – Jake Meginsky – Vandals
Domes – Vapor Gourds – Incision Objects
Sleng Teng Roei– Vapor Gourds – Incision Objects
Side a – Band – Bill Nace/Aaron Dilloway
Bromp Treb – Unreleased/Bata Drumming blend
“Band” side b – Bill Nace/Aaron Dilloway /// DRUMMERS OF THE SOCIETE ABSOLUMENT GUININ (HAITI) blend
Boilerhouse II – Vapor Gourds
All I Do – DJ Manny
Side a track 2 – Vapor Gourds – Low Jack Miniatures
Abstract/Jelly (UNRELEASED) – Body Head – Remix (JM)

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