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Kit Mix #120: Haddon


A pleasing curveball to reignite our mix series here, as Manchester producer Michael Haddon serves up an hour of weird-folk, obscure lounge and soundtracky goodness. Stay tuned to Haddon and John Howes‘ cooperatively run label Cong Burn Waves if you like the sound of lovingly assembled electronic music, held together by a group of friends with nothing more than love and ferric tape. Their next release, by L Pearson, promises to be a goodun. In the meantime, wrap your ears round this…

Louis & Bebe Barron – Once Around Altair
Lars-Gunnar Bodin – NŠstan
Jeanne Folly, J.L Hennig, VXZ 375, Hektor Zazou, Bazooka – I Love You S…
Aram Saroyan – Crickets
Koes Plus – Kau Tinggalkan Aku (You left me)
Carlo Giordani – Azzone (2004)
The Dwarfs of East Agouza – Resinance
Liam O’Gallagher – Border Dissolve in Audiospace
Cecil Leuter – Pop Electronique No12
David Lewiston – Gamelan Gong: Barong Dance (Excerpt)
Seesselberg – Studentenzucker – ‘Tue gern, was Du tun muflt!’ (Konfektionsmusik 1973)
Miss Nelson & Bruce – Nothing To Do
Marc Barreca – Community Life
??? – Intendo
Skist – Slippage
Shahabudin, Ramishwar, Shankar, Sushilkomar – Dance Music
John Giorno – Give It to Me, Baby
Master Musicians of Jajouka – Take Me with You My Darling, Take Me with You (Dinimaak A Habibi Dinimaak)
David Toop – Sea Slug
Hadji Ouled – Tambura Music
Sun City Girls – I saw a cigarette breathing so I smoked it
James Dashow – Oedipus Orca (Titoli)
Herb Diamante – Polish
Joyce Heath – I Wouldn’t Dream Of It
Han Bennink – Kit (2)
Doopees – Now That You’ve Gone

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