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Kit Mix #176 // Gosheven


"During my 6-week long trip in Java and Bali I saw many guitars everywhere. I wasn’t very happy as they are the true representants of the Western World - that of the white “bule”. Despite the tourists’ invasion - especially in Bali - these islands’ amazingly diverse cultural heritage is still deep there and living: the different and non-standardized tunings systems of pelog and slendro, the wide variety of gamelan and folk instruments, the different soundings of each gamelan orchestra, and also the wayang puppet theatre, the mesmerizing topeng masks or the visceral trance dance called “jathilan” - to name just a few. I present here some of my field recordings to express my deepest respect and admiration to this uninterrupted and vast cultural heritage, not to mention some amazing calls of the local fauna and the warm-hearted and humble people living on these unique islands."

 #1 Muezzin calls, chickens and a grey cat at a Yogyanese riverbank
 #2 Jathilan in Kantongan A, Sleman Regency
 #3 Cicadas and distant voice in Yogyakarta
 #4 Gamelan baleganjur at Galungan in Tampaksiring, Bali
 #5 Birds and cicadas near Lawu volcano and a girl’s call to prayer in Yogyakarta
 #6 Gambling at a Balinese cockfight called tajen in Lodtunduh, Bali
 #7 Sundanese tarawangsa music at Santai festival in Yogyakarta
 #8 Gamelan baleganjur at Galungan street procession in Semana, Bali 
 #9 Kejawen ceremony at Imogiri Royal Cemetery
#10 Frogs and ocean waves near Medewi Beach
#11 Gamelan baleganjur at Galungan street procession in Semana, Bali
#12 Girl muezzin and scooters in Cemoro Lawang (near Bromo volcano)
#13 Gamelan for legong dance at Ubud Palace
#14 Muezzin calls and raining in Banyuwangi 
#15 Distant voice, chickens and construction workers in Yogyakarta
#16 Wayang performance at RRI Solo 
#17 Rain and thunders near Ubud
#18 Recycled puppet and instrument group Wayang Sampah in Yogyakarta 
#19 Ibu praying in the Kraton of Yogyakarta
#20 Gamelan played at Klenengan Pujangga Laras in Solo

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