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Gabo Gulbenkian

Another worthy addition to the Dramatic roster, in the shape of anthropologist and no-time musician Gabo Gulbenkian. In his first full-length release, Gulbenkian threads a needle through the mind's eye of some of history's most inquisitive, daring or downright phoney adventurers. Taking the transcendent black & white stills of Wilfred Thesiger as its point of departure, Explorers charts a course which spans centuries and continents, etching a constellation between the fêted heroes who left the horizon far behind.


The result is a flattening of history and space-time, as the stars of fact and fiction become aligned in two dimensions, wiki-fied together in an eternal digital present. Gulbenkian's sonic palette is as varied as his pageant of explorers would demand – from the studied ambience of François Péron to the schizoid collage which drives Arthur Rimbaud to the outer edges of sanity. Underpinning it all, though, is a thoroughly mystical sensibility which brings to mind the mangled analog dreams of Tangerine Dream and Harald Grosskopf, with a dash of sampled exotica only ever a few bars away.





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