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Fievel Is Glauque

Belgian / New York supergroup Fievel Is Glauque comprises of jazz keyboard auteur Zach Phillips, angel-voiced singer / rapper Ma Clément, and whichever other virtuosic noodlers happen to be slumped about the place. 

Their cult tape "God's Trashmen Sent to Right the Mess" is a sprawling epic of pop, hip-hop and country inspired jazz arrangements. 20 tracks that form a jenga tower of expertly placed jazz chords, interlocking, sliding and collapsing with a short and sharp punk sensibility. 

Recommended if you like Arthur Russell's heart-on-sleeve wonky horn arrangements, or the infectious home-made jazz-hop of Louis Cole. We've pressed 300 copies of "Trashmen" to vinyl, and we don't expect them to stick around for long. Grab one via our webshop below, or on bandcamp if that's your thing.

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