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Several years ago, I was digitizing a bunch of esp and fontana records I had taken out of the library. While I let each side play and record into a stand-alone cd burner with the sound turned down, I was practicing congas on the other side of the room. Later when I listened to the burned cd, especially at the end of a side with the needle spinning, I could hear that congas were vibrating the whole unit and that the needle was picking up my conga playing through the vibration - as the record continued to spin.

Errata is a collaboration with the cult Swedish magazine Timglaset. Bringing together Kit artists with friends and musicians we greatly admire, this album celebrates art made in error: from bungled interviews to accidental recordings and forgotten doodles.


Errata comes in the form of a 44-page full colour zine and limited edition cassette, with music from Michael Bjorn, Helena Celle, Devonanon, HALFNELSON, Dolly Dolly, Time Attendant, Disasterpeace, Domenique Dumont, Jib Kidder, Mary Lattimore, Jake Messina Meginsky and Amanda Feery. The zine itself contains art by Lina Nordenström, Paul Greenan and Robin Tomens, writing by Malcolm Green, poetry by John M Bennett and Anthony Etherin, and much more. 


We celebrated the launch of Errata by holding a party at the excellent bookartbookshop in London. 

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