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Kit Mix #126: Discrepant Records

For the latest instalment in our mix series the wonderful Discrepant Records have put together 73 minutes of agitated, dystopian noise and words, focussing on the absurdity of current times, but roaming freely all over the Middle East, Mexican walls, Brexit, North America and escapism (see the last track). A sort of creaking, dissident broadcast from the future, warning to the present. Monumental.

Discrepant specialise in ethnomusicological excursions with a spiritual, sometimes sinister bent – all underpinned by concept-rich artwork and packaging. Check out the wonderful Study into 21st Century Drone Acoustics, with sound design by Discrepant’s own Gonçalo F. Cardoso, and complete with a gorgeously unsettling 12-page chrome booklet designed by Ruben Pater. Other favourites include the tropical headscapes of Mike Cooper’s New Kiribati, and Kink Gong’s Chang Fo Ji, a seminal collection of buddha box meditations.

dEUS – Intro
Clock DVA – Looking for the Black Haired Girls
Jenny Hval – Kingsize
Porest – Passport Please
Coil – The Dreamer is Still Asleep
Greg Fox – Kardia I
Stephen Vitiello – Marfa Mix (2003)
Wendy Carlos – Title Music from Clockwork Orange
Cassette Boy – It’s White Again Btw.
Sun City Girls – The Shinning Path
Faust – (360)
Muslimgauze – Turkish Sword Swallower
Rider Shafique – I Dentity
Mats Lindström – Give Us the Tools and We’ll Finish the Job
M Adkins – Unknown track
The Caretaker – Libet’s Delay
Yves Tumor – Serpent II
Aphex Twin – Gwarek 2
Stephen O’Malley – Arrival of the Trainer
Fatima Al Qadiri – Star-Spangled
After The Wall (dunno where I got this recording)
Felix Blume – Los Gritos de Mexico
Daniel Johnson – It’s Impossible
Clapham & Dwyer – A Day’s Broadcasting, Part 1
Brian Eno – Music for Airports 1/1

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