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Canterbury-born producer and multi-instrumentalist B£AMS now plies his trade as a GP in the big smoke, leaving enough time to craft stumbling, tropical beats on the side. His debut LP, Patches, was plucked from some unknown recess of the internet in 2013, and after the application of some lovingly crafted linocut artwork, became our first vinyl release.

Twittered Nestor Burma at The 405: 'these songs exist in the space between sleep and wake - where time bends and bubbles, divine murmurs fizz into the distance and technicoloured layers of synth and stutter beats collapse under their own weight'.

In 2017 Patches received a long-overdue reissue, with custom artwork by Richard Greenan. B£AMS has also released music via Sonic Router, and is a member of Nu Garcon.

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