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Kit Mix #145: Artetetra

One of our favourite ever Kit mixes: approaching 1.5 hours of globe-bothering u-turns, delivered via carrier pigeon in a hail of ping pong balls. Their label isn't bad either.

Jim Nollman - Froggy Went A Courting (300 Turkeys)
frere tuck - episode 4
Marimba - excerpt from "What is life if you can't be punched and then get a kiss?"
Accou - Les battements de coeur
[Laurie Anderson talking problems]
Meme Vivaldi - Nu Metal
Giorgio Dursi - snippet from "Poetry reading with sound footnotes"
Nicolas Gaunin - {6}
Napoli Centrale - O nemico mio
YPY - Zurhyrethm 
[Giorgio Dursi singing in simlish?]
Aylu - groove 4.2

[Japanese Elton John taking the scene]

Piero Milesi & Daniel Bacalov - Scirocco
Nicolas Gaunin - Noa Noa
Sethares - Duet for Morphine and Cymbol 
[Indonesian flutes recordings]
Lyy sünnœtty pækkülyttï -  🇫🇯
Los siquicos litoraleños - Otro universo anexo
[Dursi sneaking in]
Hiroshi sato - Jo Do
Ata Ratu - without title / Ata ratu recorded by Palmer Keen of Aural Archipelago
Li Daiguo - Chengdu Aesthetic and Plastic Hospital
Satanicpornocultshop - .aiff Skull
LSD Dream Emulator - Bright Moon Cottage - Ambient - C
Sea Urchin - Yohforo Felmaya
Meridian Brothers - Jornada Nacional Para la Utilizacion de Antidotos
LSD Dream Emulator -  Bright Moon Cottage - Cartoon . E
Yyu - Nothing
Black Taiga - Cristo D'composto
Alemu Aga - Medina Zelesegna
Subconscious Pilsen Relics Pt 2 [CODENAME_AIRPLANE MODE]
Harumi Hosono - 01 Xevius 02 Bosconian
LSD DREAM EMULATOR - Bright Moon Cottage - Electro - A
Ryo Kawasaki - Hawaiian Caravan
Donkey Kong Country OST - Cave Dweller Concert
Mike Cooper - Summer Without Waves
Alien Porno Midgets - Tea For Two
Dagshenma - Tiger Milk
Circuit bent Buddha Machine
Marconi Notaro - Maracatu
German Army - Silk Spots
Frere Tuck - Episode 2

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